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    • il y a 10 ans

    hello, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you as i have been away on international travel. I am going to award you the logo design but i would like to know if you can do some more changes as you are 90% there of having it exactly what i want.
    What i would like to do is send you a file that you can use play around with the colours of the logo on the actual background that we have, the blue colours that the font and logo have are a tad bright (fluro) i think so ill get you to play around with it till you think that you have the correct concepts in colours for the site template.

    let me know f you can do this and an email or Skype address that i can send the files to and ill get them to you so you win the logo contest.
    Thank you

    • il y a 10 ans
    1. Designer0713
      • il y a 10 ans

      Hi! Thanks for writing me! I really appreciate your time and your words! :) Thank you for trusting in my design! Please check private message (just click on my username), so you can have my email and one I have the files I can do the adjustments! :)
      Best Regards! :)

      • il y a 10 ans