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Your full email Template!

Respected Contest Holder! Hope you will like my work for you! Any changes or anything you want to add? Kindly message me! Thanks for reading!

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  • ellyn3
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 3 mois

    Hello - we really like the template you created for the email. is that something you would provide as part of the handover materials?

    • il y a 3 mois
    1. rehmanfazlur781
      • il y a 3 mois

      Hi there thanks for liking our entry. Yes, I have an HTML file of your template. If you want to convert it into PSD file so also we have the skill to convert the HTML into PSD. It's your choice. Do you want Html or PSD ?

      • il y a 3 mois