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Filmstrip 4th Draft

In this Draft I presented 3 different variations of Film Strips with same type of font. Ist is Film Strip with Movie Frames in it. 2nd Is Film Strip with Black Frames & 3rd one is Plain Film Strip. Let me know your opinion about my this little effort. Feel free to let me know if you need further amendments. Awaiting your feedback. Thanks!!!

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    • il y a 7 mois

    Very nice Faran - thank you. I don't know if I'm super crazy about the font itself, i.e., the shape of the letters, but you definitely have the right idea with the film strip and frames and photos. Love the pictures in the frames definitely! We just need to be able to add our own pictures to those frames.

    • il y a 7 mois
    1. fiq5a69f88015841
      • il y a 7 mois

      Thanks you giving me your valuable feedback. If Possible then could you please send me some of your own pics so I can give you some illustration by adding these to this Filmstrip.

      • il y a 7 mois