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Please give me a price for my labor and I hope you like my design giveɡiv Traductions de give VerbeFréquence منح grant, give, award, accord, confer, allow أعطى give, hand, bear, deign, afford, award دفع pay, push, drive, wheel, boost, give وهب give, donate, endue, give away, yield خصص assign, allocate, appropriate, give, specify, allow كشف نفسه give Définitions de give Verbe 1 freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to. the check given to the jeweler proved worthless Synonymes: fork outshell outlay outcough upstump upante uppony uppresent withprovide withsupply withfurnish withgift withhandlet someone haveofferprofferawardgrantbestowaccordconferdonatecontributeput uphand overturn overmake overleavewillbequeathpledgevouchsafelendslip 2 cause or allow (someone or something) to have (something, especially something abstract); provide or supply with. you gave me such a fright Synonymes: allowpermitlet havegrantaccordoffershowdisplayset outset forthindicatedeta

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                                     du concours                                         build a pizza restaurant desing in a car
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