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Hey there, Great job on creating such an engaging extension! I really liked the design, especially the cool card flip feature. It makes the whole experience more interesting compared to boring screen cards. I tested the extension on three different browsers: Brave, Chrome, and Edge, and found some issues: (1) Not recognizing Existing Tabs: If I have a tab open before installing the extension and then reload it, nothing changes. It seems like the extension doesn't notice tabs that were already open. (2) Problem with Incognito/Private Mode: Even though I allowed the extension to work in incognito/private mode, it doesn't seem to have any effect when I open a new tab in this mode. (3) No code/detail: Sometimes there is no code/detail. This will give a bad user experience. Make it so that the card isn't shown if that is the case. I'm sure that once these issues are sorted out, your extension will be amazing! If you need more help, feel free to reach out to me :)

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    hii thanks for the inputs it is chrome extension so works only under chrome

    Plugins in Incognito/Private Mode tabs plugins will not work

    It only recognizes for new tabs only

    No code/detail:For deals that are directly accessible no code is required in the add to cart section,So no code required,2 thins are there coupons and deals.

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