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Login, Regsiter and Empty Projects Page.

Hello, I have read your description thoroughly unlike other bots on this site. I also actually created a project, courses, questions sets and tests as well as a cluster and one package. I agree that it feels a bit clunky. I also just started with the first things on your list. * Login Page * Regsiter Page * First landing page From my understanding you want a simple mockup / wireframe design showing a better layout that will make the user experience feel smooth and easy. I didn't have the Balsamiq software so I created my designs with WireframePro. I hope this doesn't matter for you. Since you are in Australia our timezones will only match at certain points. That is why I would like to ask you to rate my design from 0 to 5 stars. And possibly a comment on what could be improved or what you don't like about the design. Let me know what you think of my entry and feel free to leave feedback on what you don't like so that I can improve that. I have attached 3 pictures of wireframes.

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  • jimrichards
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 4 mois

    Thanks for taking the time to read the description and go through the tutorial. WireframePro is fine, it' provides what I need. You can see now you've made a project, getting back to the courses and other content is clunky.
    How would you redeisgn the projects page now you have a project created?

    • il y a 4 mois
    1. RamonRobben
      • il y a 4 mois

      Hello and Thanks for your rating. I will design the other page layouts whenever I get home. I just wanted your first opinion on these pages and then I will save them to a PDF and create the other pages.

      • il y a 4 mois