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Hey, Mr.Frank! Entourage is cool. I worked on a 4d cinema program dedicated to making 3D projects. This project was created to illustrate the idea, you can customize anything you want in this project (Color, Material, stars in the beginning, objects movements,...). The material used is a dark lustrous metal because it matches the background, and it can be changed to another. I apologize for the delay in adding the project, because I underwent surgery, and I was not able to participate in this competition for only the last four days. I made the harder video, the easy one there was not enough time to work on it, the other video will take less time to work on it. I can change the music if I want, I have worked to make the project adapt to whatever music will be added to it. Render time is 10:45:44 min. I was honored to work on this enjoyable experience, because I was able to challenge myself to implement it in a short time. Best regards, Fady Khalil

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