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Hi! I came back with your request. Now is in the mexican colors. I used flag colors for background. On the first page you have some mexican symbols. More pictures for items and don`t worry if there are some copy of the same images for food. Now is just a presentation. For the final project I will change very quick with the pictures that you want to send me on mail. Please hurry up with that private message, if you want this to be done in 1-2 hours because later I will be on the road for a couple of hours so then I will be able to work when I will be back home, tonight.

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  • newbruno7
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 6 ans

    This one is nice. But, how do I send the private message? Sorry, I'm new at this website.

    • il y a 6 ans
    1. tramezzani
      • il y a 6 ans

      I don`t know because I never was a "Contest Holder" before. Ok. I can give you my SKYPE wich is and you can find me there and speak live but keep in mind, I WOULD NO SEND TO YOU the project there, The final project in psd format need to be send ONLY here on after the award and after all the steps that follow the freelancer rules. Thanks!

      • il y a 6 ans