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The logo revamped 1

I have taken the liberty to change the logo slightly. As I believe a brand of ice creams & slushes, should be colorful & and easily legible. My suggestion 1 for themes for decorating all the outlets, kiosks etc., is a high resolution image (which can be easily purchased) of an ICEBERG partially submerged in water, with submerged part visible and bright shining sun with VIBGYOR solar flares. (The visible white part signifies the apparent flavors, the submerged part denotes emotions it invokes & sun & the colorful flares denotes the extra spices & flavors. This image can be placed on all items craftily with the logo. I would be glad to share teh CDR file for logo.

Proposition n°3 du concours Ice Cream Outlet Branding - Kiosk + Machines + Serviette + Ice Cream + Slush Cups
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