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Make Your Health a Daily Gift

Hi! I'm Iolanda and I'm an expert in branding. I propose 3 different images for your 3 newsletter deliveries. I emphasized your commitment that considers 'food' : a way of 'consciously' living, thinking about the environment and health, and of helping the community, because that defines the kind of quality you provide: the promotion is a gift you add to the gift that you provide with your work -> daily. I didn't use the 'free guilty gift' idea because of the word 'guilty', I will explain the reasons but here there's not enough space to write it. I'd provide .pdf files because in the document I ensured the links to your : website, social profiles, email, and above all to the page in which the viewer can 'SIGN UP NOW!'. Some images I used are from your website and not in high resolution, I'll need them for the definitive files. I am at your disposal for the changes you think are needed (i.e. the expiring date of the promotion). My best regards, Iolanda S.

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