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Name suggestions for new store

Some of my suggestions combine French & english. I have used warehouse and depot as they give the idea of a large space filled with many products. I used the word "Parloir' in french because it is very close to the english word Parlour and it means any room in a house for relaxing so it can apply to any room in a house. I also think it is important for stores to connect with their audiences which is why I suggested names with 'My' in it. That makes the store personal even on a sub-conscious level when someone reads the title 'My/Our Home Furnishing' they instantly associate it with their own home. Your store title can be one word for simplicity sake, and a small slogan can appear with that title so people know what the products are ie, PARLOIR - Le Furniture Depot is one such example in my attachment. I have not checked on all domains but are all availabe.

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