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Symbols Updated

Hi! I have made some new revisions of the logo. I also tried these symbols with a triangle outline, but personally I think triangle is not a good choice for outlines in terms of efficient spacing use compared to circles. However, if you would like to have another triangle design , please feel free to suggest ideas or improvements. Thank you

Proposition n°6 du concours Elemental icons for book cover
Proposition n°6

Tableau de clarification publique

  • LynchWriting
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 1 an

    I agree that the triangles end up distracting from the symbol, so sticking with circles is good.
    I like the arcane and the water, but the earth still isn't quite working for me. It just looks like a random shape and not really "earth". Could you try a few more to find something that works?

    • il y a 1 an
    1. ledinhan2596
      • il y a 1 an

      Hi! Please check my new entry - #7 . It has my new designs for Earth

      • il y a 1 an