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    • il y a 2 mois

    Pete looks great... I love your crab. Maybe making the other faces less long will make them look less western. What do you think?

    Guest should chew on something very tough, and face should look bothered, and also questioning (your hand gesture is on the good way but put is little higher, Rest the elbow on the table)

    I like the farmers rice hat, but make it little larger and with a less angle. Make his clothing even more worn

    Make the crab box look more like the picture that was provided

    Make the farm owners pants even more worn. Let him holding a a sack of money (at the size of his head) with a $ sign on.

    • il y a 2 mois
    1. jediahbillones
      • il y a 2 mois

      I will play around with the faces more and make the changes.

      • il y a 2 mois