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I wanted to go with a more professional-looking identity, keeping it modern and more importantly clean, resembling most of the medical businesses identities out there. The clear, clean typography accompanied by a simple emblem makes the identity look more reliable and approachable, while still keeping it serious and professional. For the emblem of the hand were considered especially the traits asked: independence, empowering, and community. The hand is able to represent these traits, since it's a symbol of hard work and is commonly used to represent help. The heart starting on the bottom of the hand represent the good-will and the love that empowers the whole idea behind the foundation, and also helps in making the identity more reliable-looking. The color blue is a color commonly used in medical business, from a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible.This color exhibits an inner security and confidence. If you have any feedback it is welcomed!

Proposition n°23 du concours Design a new Logo for Assistive Technology NonProfit
Proposition n°23

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  • malaguero
    • il y a 4 ans

    By the way, both logos are part of the same identity, the first one being more formal and the second one being more informal.

    • il y a 4 ans