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Shipping Container Studio Flat (17 Pages Total)

Hi. I hope all is well. My entry consists of 17 sheets -architectural plans, electrical plans, interior elevations, exterior elevations, and building sections. I hope you would be able to visualize my design intent for the project through these drawings. My approach to the design is simple. The layout of the structure is limited, as there are a number of factors to consider notably the operation of the extension unit. However, I tried my best in trying to create flexibility by incorporating operable and removable furniture and equipment - nook, overhead shelves, and even the fireplace, to conform to different settings. As for the deck, the level of the deck may vary depending on the preference. It can be made lower, closer to the ground and more discreet. Or elevated to maximize the views and be one with the trees. An additional living space may be added underneath depending on the height of the deck. Thank you very much for your consideration. Best, Francis

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                                     du concours                                         Design a Studio Flat made out of a Shipping Container
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