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Karasik Shaylin-Logo by J.P.L. Productions

I'm proud to present you the new Karasik Shaylin law Group logo! I decided to use solid black as it is easy to use on any color background, and it's inverse can go wonderfully as well. However, should there be any particular color group(s) you might want to see the logo in, it would be a simple change. I put the names in a strong font that is commonly associated with law or judicial settings, making your logo instantly recognizable as being in the legal field. The strong black bars separate the image in thirds, allowing the eye of the viewer to easily rest on either name, or the slogan in the center. I put the slogan in the center as it is, because this forces the viewer to memorize the slogan as part of the firm, directly attaching it not only to the logo, but the people that the logo represents. I chose a simple, but recognizable font, something that doesn't draw attention away from the rest of the logo, for the words "Law Group". I hope you like it!

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Proposition n°155

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