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Hello there! Based on your description for the logo design, this is my interpretation of it. I incorporated a coffee roaster machine as a part of the subject in the logo because I think it should be needed to imply that you're into coffee roasting and the logo should speak for itself. Furthermore, it is presented as a sketchy type of style so that it will look more interesting and not too plain or computerized to look at. Yet it is still simple, decent and very professional design. And ofcourse I also included a slogan as a part of the logo. Please make some time to look at my work. I also included samples of how the logo would look like in a kraft bag, cup, sugar pack, business cards, etc. I just want to let you know that this is a customized logo and not just taken from the internet unlike other entries. I assure you that I really made it myself and its original but it is still open for suggestions. Hope you will appreciate it. cheers! (I uploaded 3 entries for you to choose from)

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