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Hi! this is the second design. I have made some variations to complete the direction you'd like.

Proposition n°19 du concours D-DAY TOURS NORMANDY LOGO
Proposition n°19

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  • quangarena
    • il y a 5 ans

    thank you for the ratings. i'll try.

    • il y a 5 ans
  • peyoann
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 5 ans


    This is very good and in my opinion, almost there! I really like the round logo without the stripes coming out either side. The only thing that doesnt work for me at the moment is the main lettering for D-DAY TOURS NORMANDY. I would like the NORMANDY to be the same font size as D-DAY TOURS and also I am not sure about the actual font choice. I know that the font you have chosen is war related but I wonder if you could try a few other styles so I can see the difference. Also, please can you place the D-DAY TOURS a little lower so we can see more of the star and reduce the spacing between D-DAY TOURS and NORMANDY.

    I really like your design.


    • il y a 5 ans