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Your website's ready! I have already written Code!

Good Morning! When I saw your contest announcement I instantly invested all my time for 2 days in your site to improve it. Since your need is urgent and you want an improvement of your website in the short time, I have written all the HTML, CSS, JS that goes with it. I do not present a model or an image but I present a product made! I only expect your acceptance to send you all the files immediately. Your website is ready, and up to date. I appreciated the way you manage your business and I will be very happy and glade to help you! I adapt to any situation. For now I have the code of all the previews you have seen. You can choose me and we will continue the work together on the other pages and I will share with you my ideas. Have a good day, Sir!

Proposition n°12 du concours Create temporary Website (Fashion), urgent
Proposition n°12

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  • sbcgi
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 2 ans

    Thank you for your entry #12 ;
    Overall I think the site is too close to the site we have. The start page is too loaded with images and very difficult to grasp - many point the eye cannot find a clear focus point (difficult to describe, I hope you can understand what I mean).
    Looking forward to other suggestions.
    Kind regards

    • il y a 2 ans