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1 Hour Design

Hey! I only spend 1 hour on contests every day. This is what I came up with. It's not exactly what the site would look like, since I left parts blank. I have the HTML and CSS ready if you want to award the project to me :) I can complete the project in 24 hours and make the site live.

Proposition n°7 du concours Create temporary Website (Fashion), urgent
Proposition n°7

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  • sbcgi
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 2 ans

    Thank you for your entry #7 ;
    How is the page intended to work - as a single page or as separate pages?
    Is the our services part on the same page with the startpage image?
    I've seen you made the stores locator as a big map. Would it be feasible to have a retailer locator with a goole maps search in the existing budget?
    How could the collection browsing work, our images are in portrait format, the design suggest landscape though. We will not have enough time to make collages for each item to show. But it might be possible to resemble the layout from our catalog (one big picture in the background with four smaller ones showing details of the same dress).
    I like several details of the design, but I think it must be quite some work to do.
    My be you can elaborate a little on how to make the details ready in time.
    Kind regards

    • il y a 2 ans
    1. mehuls85
      • il y a 2 ans

      Thanks for the great feedback! I'm new to web development/design and am looking to built my portfolio. I would do the entire site just to learn (including the portrait landscape issue- maybe or maybe not the map depending on how hard it is for me). I guess what I'm saying is can I just send you what I have when I'm done and include it in my portfolio? You're welcome to use it for free if you ever need, and you can hire me later if you want me to make changes to it?

      • il y a 2 ans