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Boy Character v1

Hey! This is my first sample for your character design project. I followed the path on your sketch and designed a boy with "custom" mouth and he wears cloth and shoes. Before all I need to know if you will animate this and need to make it on separeted layers like legs arm eyes etc etc. I need feedback to continue the work and make an another character for the girl also need more details what is the approach you are after. I am waiting for your thoughts before continue the work in illustrator. Note that the shadows overlapping the outline but dont worry I will correct it if we can deal with this project. I am looking for to work with you! Thanks, Zsigmond Istvan

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  • zsigmondistvan
    • il y a 1 an

    maybe the edges more and more sharper or I can use custom brushes. Thanks

    • il y a 1 an