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Dear Contest Holder kindly consider and rate my entry, I'm a professional content writer, creative writer, I also do write professional product description proof writing. As you can see my work, its all patent and proofed No plagiarism at all. Kind Regards Fahad Ahmad

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  • TerrexTV
    • il y a 1 an

    Dear Contest Holder,
    Please check this page:
    The content of the first paragraph is exactly the same with some words substituted for synonyms.
    I did not bother checking the rest but I would assume it's the same level of effort throughout.

    • il y a 1 an
  • chfahad47
    • il y a 1 an

    So you want me to write simple and easy words? and not too much use of same word again and again, right?
    I have used some technical words because your products contains technical features,
    Its ok Let me make this content simple, I hope you would like my next updated entry.

    • il y a 1 an
  • muaid81
    Titulaire du concours
    • il y a 1 an

    you used accommodations like 5 times for no obvious reasons and your words is more like 10 dollar words instead of using 1 dollar easy words

    its not essay for collage degree

    • il y a 1 an