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  • csarami
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    • il y a 1 mois

    - 0:18 " please use bullets for the two items as in the cue sheet.
    - the transition between clips 36" is too fast. the transition at 2' 3" needs to be fixed.
    - use lower thrids for the poets' messages ( as in 37", ...)
    - display the lyrics as the heart beast and daf plays. you may show them word by word as the singer sings the lyrics. If you want the exact time stamps I can help you out!
    - make sure the poet's hands are visible as it moves during the video. They get invisible at times such as in "1:24"
    - Please display the book cover at the end.

    • il y a 1 mois
    1. KenanTrivedi
      • il y a 1 mois

      -0:18 solved
      - transition changed
      - I'll use lower thirds
      - I'll display lyrics if possible word by word
      - about hands I can't do anything as the footage itself is cropped so sorry about that sir
      - Book Cover added at the end

      • il y a 1 mois