25 birthday card ideas for a memorable occasion

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No matter what age you are, birthdays are always a special occasion.

As kids, we really didn't pay as much attention to brthday cards as we did to shiny new gifts. But as we grow into adulthood, birthday cards become symbolic of memories and times that we'd like to keep with us forever.

NOthing says memorable than the personal touch of a DIY birthday card.

Here are some hommade birthday cards for mom, dad, friends, kids and more.



Birthday card ideas for mom

Pink house birthday card

pink house birthday card

As you can probably tell, this one's for the girls out there. This Pink House card with the curtained windows and flowers to match is the ideal birthday gift. Flowers and butterflies lend to the vibrancy and cheerfulness of the card. True, it'll take a fair bit of paper cutting and gluing together. But, the end result is bound to appeal to anyone who's artistic.

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Dahlia dress birthday card

 dahlia dress birthday card

Well suited for the princess in your life, this Dahlia Dress themed card is cute as well as gorgeous at the same time. You can use design paper to make the dahlia folding. We're sure this will appeal to any fashionista who's all set to grab eyes on her birthday.

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Simple mom birthday card

 simple mom birthday card

Mother's birthdays are always special, and as far as simple Mom Birthday Card ideas go, this one is the simplest. But coupled with a strong message, even this stick figure card can work wonders, with a bit of mother's love thrown in the mix.

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Floral birthday card

 floral birthday card

The vibrant floral design on this card is enough to brighten up the day of both the giver and the receiver. Plus, the raised lettering adds another level of aesthetic to the gift. Perfect for those who prefer a dash of color in their lives.

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Birthday card ideas for dad

Tuxedo birthday card

 dad birthday card

Your dad's birthday is certainly an occasion for celebration. And as far as birthday card ideas for dad are concerned, this card speaks "Dad" from its every pore. Just take a look at its coat-and-bow theme, and you'll know why your dad will love this card.

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Nuts and bolts birthday card

 nuts and bolts birthday card

This one is again for those who have a habitnof tinkering with machines. Decidedly fun, the raised nuts and bolts lend a sense of mechanical aesthetic to this card that would be hard for any DIY enthusiast to ignore.

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Birthday card ideas for friends

Poker birthday card

poker birthday cards

If you're looking for a birthday card for someone who's into card games, look no further. This wonderful card/poker themed birthday card uses a playing card motif to spell out the birth-year of the recipient. Stylish, colorful and cool, this is one good excuse to bring out the cards for a bout of birthday games.

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Recyclable birthday card

recyclable birthday cards

This leafy birthday card is ideal for nature lovers and those who love the theme of sustainability. These cards can be made from leftover paper bags, scrapbooks and old colored paper. So, you're not having to waste new paper, and at the same time can use up older material lying around the house. Plus, these cards are gender neutral, which is a great positive!

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Banner birthday card

 banner birthday card

Simple, pretty and sentimental, this beautiful Birthday banner card is ideal for those with an eye for quirk. Instead of making the card on a square piece of paper, you can go with a rectangular card piece and deck it up with a colorful banner that displays your birthday wishes!

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Confetti birthday card

 confetti birthday card

What's a birthday without confetti? That's exactly the theme on which this card is based. With its own packet of confetti attached to the front, this is a card that's best for your best friend's birthday.

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Birthday card ideas for kids

18th birthday card

 18th birthday card

Turning 18 is always a special occasion, and this is one of the designs that makes the occasion even more special. The simple colors, bold numbers and 18 themes make it clear that you're celebrating turning 18. After all, you only turn 18 once!

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Candy bar birthday card

 candy bar birthday card

Does the person you're going to give a gift to have a sweet tooth? Then this is the best way to deck up their card! With multiple candybars making up the message, this is as sweet as it gets.

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Pinata birthday card

 pinata birthday card

Bold colors, contrasting backgrounds and a wonderful pinata theme: what else do you need for a wonderful birthday bash? This rainbow colored pinata is enough to brighten up any one's birthday!

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Cartoon birthday card

 cartoon birthday card

Any lover of cartoons can relate to this flowery, denim themed card. If you're good at creating cartoons, then making this card would be a cinch. Even if you're not too much of an artist, you can use online graphic tools to get the job done. Wonderful indeed! 

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Monster birthday card

 monster birthday card

This blue monster is here to help make your, or your loved one's birthday a funky one. All you need to make it is a few colors, a quality stencil, and some time. The result: a way to mark the special occasion like no other.

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Robot birthday card

 robotics birthday card

A robotic theme happy birthday card idea is best for anyone who's into technology. The pop-up robo-box is fun and funky, and harks back to the days when we were kids with not a care in the world. 

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Cute birthday card ideas

Puppy birthday card

 puppy birthday card

The first cute birthday card idea we have for you is for kids as well as doggie-parents. This simple paper made card has a pull-out tongue that raises the floppy ears of the pooch. Add to that the splash of color and a personalized message on the ears, and you've got a gift that's truly a bundle of joy.

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Ice cream birthday card

 ice cream card

This one's for the ice cream afficionados out there. The 3D design of the card is certainly cool, and the different colors of the sundaes make this card a delectable treat. Perfect for the adult who's still a child at heart.

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Balloon birthday card

 balloon birthday card

This 3D Balloon themed birthday card is perfect for kids, though we're sure adults will also love the pop-up design of this card. All it needs is a bit of paper, a few color markers and a bit of imagination. And you've got a card that's better than anything you can buy from the stores.

Find it here


Pop-up birthday card

 pop-up balloon birthday card

Another thing that's synonymous with birthdays is balloons and this card is true to that spirit. The pop-up design is colorful, and the minimalist color schemes are suitable for all age groups of birthday people.

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Other homemade birthday card ideas

Geometric birthday card

geometric birthday card

Colourful, creative and with a touch of the abstract, this Geometric patterned birthday card is a nice departure from regular prints and patterns. It's geometric shapes have an appeal that's hard to ignore on that special day. And as far as homemade birthday card ideas go, this is one of the best ones.

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Glitter birthday card

 glitter birthday card

Yes, this glittery birthday card is best suited for youngsters, but the playful adult will also find this one an ideal match for their birthday bash. After all, everyone loves a bit of glitter in their lives!

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Accordion birthday card

accordion birthday card

If you're someone in a long-distance relationship, then this is the card to give your special someone. It has an entirely homemade design, and the folds of the accordion can hold a week's worth of birthday messages. Truly a gift that simply gives on giving.

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Washi tape birthday card

 washi tape birthday card

A bit of twine, a little Washi Tape and a whole lot of ideas are all you need to create such amazing birthday cards. Simple, chic and homemade, this is a card that's bound to be ready in a snap, yet brings a broad smile to the face of the recipient. After all, isn't that what birthdays are all about?

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Woven birthday card

 basket birthday card

This woven basket design is unique in the sense that it speaks volumes about how much care is woven into a relationship. It's eye-catching design and creamy coffee color is the best gift you can give your beloved.

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Final Words

And there you have it! Our list of the best 25 birthday card ideas that you can use today. In finding these ideas, we kept one thing in mind: that they should be easy to make. These are cards that you can create in a cinch with household materials.

So, the next time you're thinking about what to give a friend or loved one for birthday, don't opt for a pre-made card. Take the time out to create something new yourself, and see the smile on your loved one's face.






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