What Projects Do You Get Done on Freelancer?

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What do you want to do for your business that you need help with?

Over 11 million projects have been posted via our platform. Four of the top project categories on the site are graphic design, app development, copywriting, and data entry. Projects under these categories have recurring tasks. Because you often have a full plate, remember that you can always call for talented people to come to your rescue.


In this post, we’ll be sharing tips, trends, and resources that can inspire you on your next project under the four categories mentioned above.

Graphic Design

This infographic from Coastal Creative shows a list of timeless and current design trends you can incorporate into your marketing collateral.

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And if this is the first time you’re hiring a graphic designer, get some tips here so you can find and work with the best.

App Development

There are different ways apps (mobile apps to be more specific) can help your business. Apps can boost your branding as you bring your business closer to your target market, which can also result in high customer engagement.

Mobile app as a marketing tool is heaven-sent particularly if you integrate your social media accounts with it. If people have positive experiences with your business, they can share their thoughts via their social profiles -- that’s free marketing for you. The app can also serve as a customer service channel where they can reach you while on the fly. Just make your contact feature easily available.

Having a mobile app can help you generate additional income for your business with in-app purchases like signing up for a premium membership to get exclusive deals.

Got an app idea? Here’s a guide on how to find the ultimate developer for your business app.


The words you put in your ads, social posts, and emails should always express how your customers will benefit from your product. It’s also important to know how to write for your audience.

A brilliant copy will convert prospects into paying customers, which, when satisfied with their experience with your brand, won’t mind recommending you to their own network. Learn more about conversion copywriting from Copyhackers.com founder Joana Wiebe.

Find the right copywriter for your brand by following these tips.

Data Entry

Data entry is a daunting task and is very time-consuming. To lighten your load, delegate this job to other people who can do it in a breeze.

A month ago, we posted this poll on Twitter where 39 percent of the respondents are getting graphic design projects done on Freelancer, followed by people who post app development projects (25 percent), data entry projects (21 percent), and copywriting projects (15 percent).


There’s a long list of categories that you can post a job for. Find all of them here.

What do you need to get done today? Posting a project is only one click away.


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