12 ways having a copywriter on your team will help you make more money

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Business expenses, especially in the early days, are commonly broken down into three categories.

YES – Non-negotiable (things such as rent, internet, and suppliers).

MAYBE – Tell me the benefits and I'll consider it (new programs, office equipment and professional development).

NO – Why are we even having this conversation? (Part-time hours for a full-time salary, and the services of professionals whose job you can do yourself, such as copywriters).

For startup businesses in their first 12 months of operation who are on a limited budget, a professional copywriter will usually fall into the ‘no' category.

You know your industry inside out, and you can write well. It just makes no sense to waste precious cash flow on a job you can do yourself. Right?

Well, no actually!

Having a professional copywriter on your team, no matter what stage of your business you're at, should sit in the YES category; because they will help you make more money!

If you think that a copywriter is a luxury only to be indulged when your business is much more established; here are nine reasons you should think again because they will make you more money, starting today!


1) They'll free up your time.

Yes, you can write well, and your knowledge isn't a problem because of course, you know your industry inside out, but how much time does good copy take you?

To create copy that is engaging, grammatically accurate, and makes the reader stand up and take action can take hours with no distractions which, in a busy role as a business-owner is a practical impossibility!

The perfect piece of copy that will take you six hours to create, and a copywriter half as long, will dollar for dollar tell you where your money is better used. 

Time is such a precious commodity for all business owners that it’s important that yours is spent in the best possible way to help your business make money. Is writing copy really where your time is best spent?


2) A copywriter has the technical knowledge required to encourage people to make sales.

Contrary to popular belief, a copywriter isn't just a wordsmith that can spin a good tale. There is a technical process involved in producing compelling copy which makes the reader take action. Unless you're a professional who has studied copywriting as a sales form, you could be wasting valuable space on your website or in your marketing collateral with ineffective copy.

Think of how much those materials cost you to produce and why it's essential that you have only the words in there get through to your audience immediately.


3) A copywriter pays attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

One of the worst things you can do for your business is have spelling and grammar errors on your website, social media posts and through your marketing and sales literature. A copywriter lives and breathes all things punctuation and will have a service level agreement which states that they’ll never provide anything that’s less than 100% accurate.

When you associate yourself with copy filled with errors and poor grammar, you’re representing yourself as a budget brand. And I suspect that, as you’re here reading this, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

For the sake of your reputation it’s critical that your copy is technically perfect, and a copywriter can make that guarantee.


4) A copywriter's work is an investment for your future marketing.

Once you've paid your copywriter, their words are yours to use as you wish for as long as you want. One page of copy using your key messages can be adapted and utilised on your website, brochures, flyers and for sales literature as and when the need arises.


5) A copywriter knows how to grab attention.

When your potential customer is browsing the internet, it takes just three seconds for them to move on to the next site if they don't see something that captures their attention. That's only a few words and certainly not long enough for them to read the prose that you've put together about who you are and why you're here.

A copywriter knows those words! They've done their research into your target market, and they know what to say to them to get them to realise that their search is over and YOU are what they've been looking for all along!


6) An SEO copywriter will attract people to your site through their Google searches.

The key to a good site isn't fancy design and professional imagery (although they both help!). The key is to make sure that people find you at their first port of call – Google. An SEO copywriter will write your homepage copy and marketing or sales blogs to include keywords and phrases that your target market are using to search for you. They will incorporate these into your copy in a way that is authentic and organic so that Google knows they're providing the searcher with the right results, the first time.

Not only that, once the user is on your site, the copywriters content will then encourage them to take action.


7) A copywriter will help you build your brand faster.

A copywriter will get to know your target market inside out and will talk to them in your tone using the words that they want to read. Having this consistent voice producing regular messaging will help build your brand and build a relationship with your market leading to customer loyalty.

Engaging with a freelance copywriter on a regular basis will help them get to know your customer too which will also add to the strength of the relationship you’re creating.


8) Copywriters are familiar with online trends.

The online world develops and evolves at an exceptionally fast pace and one which the average Joe, who’s not immersed in that industry, struggles to keep up with.

A professional copywriter is well-versed on social media trends, current styles of writing and; more importantly, they know what the online market wants to read. Because they see it every day. They live it and they breathe it. For this reason, their content is always popular and they know just how to engage with your audience to get the results that you want!


9) Copywriters are objective.

When you write for yourself there is an understandable risk that you’re too close to your business. You don’t notice the points which are important to the reader (and if you do, you won’t always talk about them), and you focus on things that you care about rather than meeting the needs of your target market. A copywriter is a fresh set of eyes across your minefield of company and product information and they will draw out the key, relevant content.

When you live and breathe your business, it’s understandable that you don’t know how to be objective with your words, unless you’ve undertaken specific copywriter training.


10) A copywriter will talk about you positively in a way that you're comfortable with.

It's a skill to learn how to talk about yourself in a positive light without coming across as conceited, and it's not a skill that everyone has!  Most people will either focus on the negative or refrain from talking about themselves altogether; neither of which is conducive to promoting your business! A copywriter will pick out the features of your company and the benefits these bring to your audience and can match the two up without making you sound like you have a big, arrogant chip on your shoulder!


11) A copywriter will welcome your audience with open arms!

A copywriter will help you to create an online personality which is warm, welcoming and genuine. If a potential customer knows that they're going to get someone who’s friendly and approachable on the receiving end of their query, they're much more likely to pick up the phone. This then gives you an avenue to work your salesy magic once your copywriter has drawn them in; hook, line and sinker!


12) A copywriter will keep the clients engaged.

Once you've made your sale; talking to your customers consistently in the way that made them make their purchase in the first place will keep the continuous lines of communication open and will keep them coming back for more.

So now you can see why a copywriter isn't just a luxury, but a necessity for your new business, the only question now is; when can they start?!

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