Top Five Freelance Jobs For Math Geeks

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There’s more to freelancing than web design and coding. In fact, almost any skill set can fit into a freelancing career. This is especially true if your passion is crunching numbers. Math nerds are in high demand in almost every industry. If you love numbers, but also crave the independence of working for yourself, check out these five freelance jobs for math geeks.


  1. Excel Consultant


Businesses rely on spreadsheets for so many things. They use them to track expenses, for financial planning and forecasting, to meet reporting requirements, to prove financial health to investors etc. When created and maintained correctly, the information contained in spreadsheets can be a great benefit.


On the other hand, an incorrect formula or other error can result in bad data. Bad data then in turn leads to bad decision making, financial loss, and other problems. Because of this, many businesses would rather leave the job of creating spreadsheets and analyzing the resulting data for accuracy to the professionals.


This means great freelance opportunities for you. If you are a spreadsheet expert, and have a passion for numbers reach out to small businesses around you, and check out one of the many freelance job boards online. If your skills need updating, Microsoft offers free training in the latest versions of their Office products. You may also benefit from learning other spreadsheet products such as Google Sheets or Open Office.


  1. Tax Preparation Specialist


Tax preparation is pretty lucrative work. Plus, in spite of the fact that many perceive it to be temporary work, many preparers find work year round.  To work as a tax preparation specialist, you’ll have to take a few steps. This includes finding a training program and registering with the IRS. Fortunately, most of the training programs are short term, and you may be able to find an inexpensive one at a local community college or local tax prep service.


Once you’re ready to go, you have several options. You can freelance through an existing service. You can also set up a home office, or offer preparation services online. Of course, many people also appreciate the convenience of having a preparer who is willing to come to their home or office. As you reach out to potential clients, don’t forget about small business owners. Many cannot afford to hire a staff member to handle their taxes, but are overwhelmed by the idea of doing it themselves.


  1. Math Tutor


You might understand math, but there are certainly many who struggle to grasp mathematical concepts. Because of this, students of all ages and their parents look to tutors for math homework help and to assist them in understanding math topics that are difficult for them. Tutoring can be quite lucrative. You also have the option to tutor students in person or to work online.


As someone who is passionate about math, tutoring offers you another unique opportunity. There are a lot of kids who think they hate math or don’t get it because of the way it’s been presented to them. If you have the ability to share your passion and make mathematics relevant, you can create that sense of excitement in the people you tutor.


  1. Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Expert


If you haven’t started to familiarize yourself with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, now is a good time to start. Bitcoin and other currencies are moving into the mainstream. Established businesses and startups are now on the lookout for freelancers who can help them use cryptocurrencies and blockchain to grow their companies and create a profit.


How much job growth has their really been? Since 2015, job postings on indeed that included keywords relating to the blockchain, bitcoin, and other relevant terms have gone up by 621%.  There are positions available for analysts, cryptocurrency miners, traders, and more.


  1. Personal Budgeting Assistant


Never underestimate what people are willing to pay others to do. Whether it’s lack of time or simply finding some tasks too difficult to tackle, people will hire our jobs ranging from grocery shopping to closet organization. If your interest in numbers leans towards the financial, you may be able to earn money helping others create and maintain their personal budgets.


As a personal budgeting assistant, you can help people organize their bills. You can teach them to use personal finance software such as Mint. You can also help them to understand their current financial situation. This will allow them to set priorities such as paying down debt. If you’re really passionate about finance, you can also seek out the appropriate licensing and training to give investment and retirement advice.




It’s a freelance economy and your math skills can lead you to many lucrative opportunities. The five freelance jobs listed here are a great place to get started. If you’re interested in any of these careers, check out job boards, training programs in your community, and start working on your resume.

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