Top 6 Innovative Ways To Land Your Dream Job Online

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Searching for your dream job is often a gruelling task. It calls for creative methods to beat the tide of unemployment. I guess you are reading this article because you have posted to every internet job board. You have applied for every job posting on LinkedInCareerBuilder, Indeed, Jobfox and many other recruiting websites, all to no avail. You followed up with calls and networked with almost everyone you've found online. You're probably depressed and dejected and think that every door of opportunity has been locked for you.

But, I'm happy to tell you that there is still hope.  I have found six innovative ways to find your dream job online that you have never heard of before or ignored:

1.    Take part in online communities

There are several online communities for every career. It provides you with the possibility to connect with people of your career field in a matter of seconds, look for professional forums, and groups on social networks. This is a perfect way to build a network with potential employers and colleagues. Keep up with trends and find out job opportunities earlier than the others to increase your chances of landing your dream job through social media.

2.    Make use of the power of direct mail

The power of a direct email is one of the greatest methods of landing your dream job. Unfortunately, this method is often neglected by many job seekers. Write up a letter to your contact network and ask them if they know anyone who works at any of the companies you are interested in working for. When a prospect says they have a company you might be interested in working for, ask them to forward it to their contact or ask permission to send it yourself. Feel free to send them your resume, but note that a white paper is the better option. Use a white paper to explain to the companies why your skills will increase their sales.  Follows these few steps when writing your convincing claim:

•    Explain why you will like to work with them in your email

•    Make sure you write the list of where you have worked before and your achievements there

•    Download beautiful email templates online as it makes them more attracted to your email

•    Make it precise and concise, don’t send them an epistle

•    Send follow up emails, remember that they receive thousands of emails every day

3.    Make use of the power of cold emails

Create a list of 50 companies you want to work for and send an email to them; find them through online company searching tools like 'Find the Company', or ask others for recommendations. Send emails with the bullet points listed in step two above, ask them if there are vacancies, or send them a white paper explaining to them why your skills will move the company forward. Remember that you are sending an unsolicited email to those companies and that you may not receive a reply for a majority of them. But if you create a long list, you'll be sure to find at least one or two companies who'll be interested in your skills. 

4.    Distribute a booklet or make a presentation

Everyone loves free information. Distribute booklets to people that contains information relevant to your industry, as this will show your expertise. Don't forget to also advertise your booklet to newsgroups where it will be seen by hiring managers. SlideShare is a powerful presentation tool which you can utilise to advertise your wowrk to thousands of people across the world (and a large fraction of them will be recruiters). 

5.    Try cold calling the human resources department of companies

Sounds crazy, right? Call the human resources department. Ask them what outside agency or third-party recruiting firm they use. They will ask you why you want to know. Tell them that their company may not be in need now, so you are looking for a recommendation. They may well ask you for an interview, and even if they do not, at least you will get a lead. Although this is a guerilla marketing tactic, make sure to follow up by sending a thank you note. 

6.    Keep a good eye on your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for recruiters and employers to find candidates. Business owners, hiring department of companies, and agencies are always in search for people who have the right set of skills for vacant positions in their companies.  It is not a secret that having a profile on LinkedIn is a must for job seekers. That said, it's not enough to only have it; you need to write a LinkedIn profile which makes you stand out among many other thousands of job seekers with the same set of skills.  Follow these few tips to land your dream job with your LinkedIn profile:

•    Let the facts and the figures talk for you instead of using empty phrases.

•    State your work experience and your past achievements in your LinkedIn profile

•    Don’t forget to list your skills in your LinkedIn profile.

Landing your dream job online is not easy, but if you follow the steps listed in this article, it will happen.

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