The Anatomy of a Good Review Article

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Reviews are usually written articles with the aim to help people make decisions on whether to acquire a product or service. It is therefore important for you to understand the anatomy of a good review article before you write one. How else can you help the people who are meant to read your review?

A good review article is honest. Good review articles must be truthful. The information that they contain must be factual and should not be a figment of your own imagination. While they're usually based on the opinion of a qualified reviewer, they should never be works of fiction. People need access to the truth in order to make the right decisions for their situation.

In order to write a truthful review, you need to try out the product or service that you intend to write about. In the event that you do not have access to the product, you need to research on its features and come up with all the factual data that you can get. You can then write a review article based on that.

There are things that you simply can't fake. If you intend to write a book review for example, read the book first. Lying will make you come across as ignorant, insincere, and untrustworthy.

A good review article is detailed and relevant. It is one thing to be detailed, and quite another to be relevant. A good review article must be both.

When writing a review of a product, service, or service provider, you need to be very careful. Your readers need all the necessary information available if they are to make the right decision, which means that you should ensure that nothing is left out. However, the information needs to be relevant. Excess information that does not affect the decision-making outcome should be eliminated. The challenge lies in ensuring that the review provides enough details without going overboard.

In order to keep your review detailed and relevant, take the time to determine the parameters used for decision-making. For example, if you intend to review a restaurant, you should take note of parameters such as location, parking, security, cuisine, service, hygiene, and ambiance. What kind of food is served? Where is the restaurant located? Is there enough parking? Is the security adequate? Is the restaurant clean? Does the ambiance impress you? Details such as the gender of services providers as well as their race are irrelevant. Images however, would be useful.

A good review article must be balanced. It is highly unlikely that you will come across a product, service, or service provider that meets all your requirements every time. Nothing in this world is perfect. For that reason, your review article must be fair and balanced. It must show both the positives and negatives of the subject that you tackle.

When writing a review, you should take time to present both sides of the story to your readers. This will give them a balanced viewpoint. For example, if you intend to review a treadmill, you could write about the features and benefits. However, if the equipment does not meet all your sports requirements, do say so. If the price is too high, let the readers know if it's worth it.  Suggest alternatives and offer comparisons if possible.


Do remember that readers rely a lot on reviews to make purchasing decisions. Your review should therefore provide the most accurate, detailed, and relevant as possible while making sure that it's always fair and balanced.

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