Social Media Analytics: Metrics that Matter

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Some businesses that are new to social media are not sure what metrics to look into when they are just beginning to promote their brand. To add to that, businesses may just remain complacent that social media does its job with mere posting and sharing. The fact is, it’s not just that, and there are so many ways to maximize the use of these platforms.


We’re stripping down the basics so you don’t go in blind when you promote your brand on the two biggest social media networks today. Here are the metrics you have to watch out for on Facebook and Twitter:


  • Organic reach - The number of people who saw your Page post in news feed or ticker, or on your Page's timeline (unique users)

  • Paid reach - The number of people your advertised Page post was served to (unique users)

  • Engagement - The sum of interactions on your post including likes, comments, shares, and link clicks

Try this:

  • Learn more about Facebook Insights by clicking Insights when you access your profile. Browse through the performance of each of your posts, when fans are online, and the demographics of your Facebook fans.

  • Export your Page Insights and Post Insights to view the detailed performance of your page and each of your posts for a specific period.

  • Add your competitors on Pages to Watch to see how your page performs against competitors in terms of Fan Page Likes and Engagement.


  • Impressions - The number of times a user saw your tweet on Twitter

  • Replies - The number of responses to your tweet

  • Link Clicks - The number of clicks on the URL in your tweet

  • Image Clicks - The number of clicks to view the image in your tweet

  • Engagements - The sum of all interactions a user performed on your tweet, including likes, follows, replies, link clicks on hashtags, your profile, avatar, username, and expansion of the tweet

Try this:

  • Learn more about Twitter analytics at and review the Tweets and Audiences tabs.

  • View your top tweets and see which one has gained the most impressions and engagements.

Competitive marketers should look into how social media ties to their business goals, such as reaching the widest number of people for events promotion, blog traffic, or website sign-ups. With these metrics, you can easily see the path toward conversion and return on investment.

What are your business goals and how do you think would you use social media to promote these?

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