Simple Strategies That Can Boost Your Freelance Income

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Some of you who are new to freelancing might find it hard to set income goals because not every month guarantees the same figure. How much you’ll earn on a monthly basis is really up to you.

We’re in the third quarter of 2017 and if you’re not even halfway to your target, you know you’ve got to work hard a little bit more.

Thinking about maintaining substantial earnings per month could trigger your stress level. But the truth is, no matter how challenging this situation seems to you, the solutions are simple. There are strategies you can do to boost your freelance income that won’t require you to turn the world upside down.

boost your freelance income

Work for more hours. When you’re a freelancer, you have the liberty to choose when to begin and end your day at work. But that doesn’t mean you’ll spend lesser time hustling than anybody else would. The truth is, you need to work for hours on end especially because your success solely depends on you.

Boost your reputation. Be the freelancer any employer would be keen to hire because of your good track record. Keep those scores up -- the ratings in your Freelancer profile that show the percentages of your completed jobs, jobs done on time and on budget, and repeat hire rate.

Focus more. How good or poor your concentration is on your tasks directly affects the time you spend on them. More distractions mean longer time to finish a task. It pays to have an environment that gives you intense focus. When you work from home, distractions are popping out more often from every corner of the house (unless you live alone). Set up your home office or rent in a coworking space when your house turns chaotic.  

Get reliable gadgets. It would be worthy to invest on gadgets that will give you more efficiency at work. Have a handy smartphone with reliable features that will allow you to work even on the go. As a freelancer, your desktop or laptop computer is your biggest ally. Get a dependable unit that will not give up on you especially in crunch time.

Believe in the power of social media. Engage, promote, network. You know the best way to reach people on a global scale is through social media. Find your next clients by promoting your services, joining groups, and engaging in discussions so people will know who you are and what you can do for them.

Find more earning opportunities. Being a freelancer gives you the freedom to choose different ways to earn. Depending on how wide-ranged your skills are, your earning opportunities are endless. Find what else can help augment your monthly profit.

Are you a graphic designer who can create music? Or a software engineer who has a penchant for videography? Forbes contributor Abdullahi Muhammed shared eight income streams you can try out to boost your earnings.

Plan ahead. Whatever you are doing today will have its effect in your future. Imagine what you want your the years ahead to be like and hold on to that vision. Prepare for it and be motivated in all the work that you do now. What smaller goals will help you achieve your bigger goals? How many more projects do you need to complete before you accomplish your first freelancing milestone? Start on your game plan.

You can’t earn big if projects are not coming in as often as you expect them to be. You have to chase them. Now bid on and win more projects!


Publié 10 août, 2017

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