A Nail Technician's Last Attempt in Completing Her Website Project

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With her mother falling victim to cancer, professional nail technician Cheri Searle found a way to continue her mom’s legacy. The Washington, Illinois-local put up Acrylic Dreams and Sunbeams, a salon that offers a wide range of services, using a fund her mother left her.

“She left a very small seed of money that I never really wanted to spend, and have nothing to show for, so in 1993, I decided to take what I was given plus a small loan and opened a salon in her memory. What better way to make women feel beautiful and get to do it in her honor and create lasting friendships through this whole journey,” said Cheri.

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Sixteen years later, Cheri saw an opportunity to improve the services of her salon. She thought of adding an online booking service to bring her business closer to more clients, especially since the internet was making strides during that period.

Cheri, being the determined woman she was, signed up for an online web programming course to turn her idea into a reality. After a while, she realized that there were too many things that needed to learn before she could have her website up and running, thus she hired a professional instead.

She found a local developer to build her website. It wasn’t perfect but it was a start. “Knowing this was a great idea I took out a loan and paid the local developer over US $55,000. The program they handed over was full of errors. It delayed my progress tenfold,” she added.

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In mid-2017, Cheri thought of upgrading the website’s functionality since she had some disposable funds. However, she wanted a new developer for the website. “Hiring a local developer was very expensive, and most have a very ‘this is boring me and can't we just finish up so you can pay me already’ attitude. Their services would cost around US$100 to US$125 an hour and would charge even more for fixing the errors they committed themselves. From my experience they also have no client-relationship value,” she said.

While searching for a web developer online, she came across Freelancer and hired from the platform. She hired Expert Engineers, a Pakistani web developer who specializes in MySQL, C#, Javascript, and a lot more.

“I liked that Expert Engineers had 10+ years of experience in .Net, Asp.net, C#, and SQL. Since my project was already developed, it required someone with different tech knowledge. I needed someone who could hang in there and understand my project and not be too busy or afraid of hard work when it doesn't go exactly right,” added Cheri.

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Expert Engineers did two things: upgrade the current server and perform AB test on the new code before its re-launch.

What started out as a two-day US$600 project would eventually become a volume of projects that lasted a week. Cheri was so satisfied with Expert Engineers' services, that she added more milestones for the project. She accomplished a lot more of her goals for an extra US$650.

“The total was $1,250 but it worth every cent. I was so happy with his work! I planned on working on the website one step at a time, but it turned into very concrete and complete milestones. My dream was alive again!”

After receiving her new and improved website, Cheri was ecstatic. She spoke highly of Expert Engineers in her review saying, “He was able to take a project that was already developed, with both front-end and back-end, and quickly understood the process. He completed everything I needed done. He’s really a great freelancer and I will continue to work with him as he is one of the best I have ever come across.”

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Cheri’s Freelancer project was her last hoorah. If she was still unsatisfied with its outcome, she would have completely stopped the online booking service. Fortunately, she found the perfect freelancer for the project.

“My project is still a work in progress, however, with the help of Freelancer.com and its talented freelancers, I can continue pursuing my goal. I honestly had decided that this was my last attempt to find someone to help me continue my journey and now I feel that I get to keep my hopes of finishing what I had started eight years ago,”

Stop dreaming, start doing. Hire a freelancer and make wonderful things happen.

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