From Local Employment to Managing His Own Business

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After working as an online support officer for a local company, Mynoor Rahman set his eyes on one goal -- building his own virtual assistant business. Since he was earning just enough as an administrative officer, he thought of searching for a side job to fund his entrepreneurial goal.

He recalled his friend’s suggestion to try back in 2008. But the website was unpopular in Bangladesh prior to its acquisition. So, he refused the recommendation.

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But things were a lot different after five years as Freelancer (formerly was now a household name in the Bangladeshi freelance community. Mynoor decided to give the platform a try.

A Day Unlike Any Other

One day after work, Mynoor created an account on Freelancer. He completed his profile and searched for projects to bid on. Finding a project was easy because of the extensive list of work categories to choose from.

Mynoor bid on a simple Wordpress theme uploading project. His bid was selected because his rate was the perfect match with the employer’s budget. He worked on the project after coming home from his day job and in two days, Mynoor had completed the job. Being the first of many more bigger projects to come, the project was his stepping stone to a successful freelancing career.

Mynoor knew that to build credibility on the platform, he needed to land more projects. From then on, he started working on Freelancer projects daily for six to eight hours while keeping his regular job.

“I felt a great boost in enthusiasm and self-confidence following the project. My daily routine was to work on my freelance projects after office hours,” Mynoor shared.

Mynoor thought of leaving his full-time post to concentrate on his freelance career but his family insisted he continue working for local companies, which they believed offered more stability. They were also hesitant to invest in a freelance business because of the need to shell out some capital.

“As days passed, I was awarded more projects. I spent weeks working part-time on and when I had enough savings, I left my day job and started working full-time as an online freelancer. My family saw the dedication I put in freelancing. They then saw its potential. From that moment on, they encouraged me to keep at it,” Mynoor said.

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Things only got better for him. He earned a spot in the Preferred Freelancer program, which he considered an acknowledgment of his perseverance in maintaining excellent quality work.

“The Recruiter Team is pivotal to my success. Having a helping hand in locating projects is very beneficial to my business’ growth,” he added.

One monumental project in Mynoor’s freelance career was when a Canadian furniture company hired him as a full-time order management analyst. He checks the inventory of orders from suppliers and inputs them into the company’s database. He also works with the company’s warehouse employees. Mynoor does all the office work online in the comfort of his own home.

Work, Work, Work

Mynoor is now reaping the fruits of his hard work. He has completed over 400 projects and has earned an estimated amount of US$40,000 on the platform. His dream of owning a business has now come true with the birth of bdmultitech, a virtual assistant agency.

He bought two motorcycles and a car -- things he believed he would not own this soon if he stayed in his day job. Plus, he can take a break whenever he wants to and not worry about counting available vacation leaves.

Mynoor’s earnings have made him financially independent and have given him the opportunity to make a difference in his community.

“Bangladesh is a country in the works. You can find old men and women who neither have a home nor money to buy food. Once the opportunity arises, I always try to help them by giving money or food. It makes me happy to help the less fortunate,” Mynoor shared.

Freelancer has opened a lot of doors for Mynoor and continues to do so. Like Freelancer, Mynoor has done his part in changing the lives of those around him. Join the community and change lives.

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