Must-Use Top Apps Web Designers Should Know About

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Adobe CC Apps For Web Designers

Web or graphic design and web development have become the most popular occupations for the last 5-10 years. But not everyone knows that design requires not only an artistic mind and creative thinking yet useful and time-saving applications. Below is the list of apps created to make designers' job easier and overall workflow more efficient.

  • Google Drive and Dropbox are file-sharing app and online flash drive correspondingly. They are way similar, but sharing on Dropbox is not limited to spreadsheets and text editor. Thanks to Google Drive, all necessary data is available at cloud storage and accessible at any time. Dropbox offers basic 2GB storage size which can be increased over time. If you are looking for the application which enables to back up projects, Dropbox is the right one for you.

  • Trello is another useful app being perfect for project management. It makes working together with teams and project members easy from all over the world. The application offers one single board looking like cards, and members can find the details of the project task by clicking on the card.

  • Invoice Bubble is a free software allowing to create pro invoices and send them to the clients. This all will take you minutes if not seconds.

  • Favigen is a user-friendly favicon generator for your website. All you have to do is to upload the image, choose an appropriate size for favicon and you are all set.

  • It is known that designers work with colors, and to make the website look awesome, right colors should be combined. Color Scheme Designer is a real godsend for  developers. With the help of this app, designers enjoy experimenting with custom color palette and create required color scheme with ease.

Along with the above listed applications, it is worth mentioning about Adobe CC options. Adobe CC includes tools which help designers to showcase their creative potential. You will find the most popular Creative Adobe CC Apps for Web Designers that are strongly recommended for use.

  • Bridge is an important tool for web designer. When installing it you will get an access to all media assets being crucial for your projects: watermark adding, batch edit, color preferences setting, drag-and-drop feature, thumbnail previews and many other functions in single package. Your overall workflow will become well-organized and time will be saved. Isn’t it a dream for a designer?

  • Illustrator is good for logo creation. It makes the process easy and enjoyable, since shape tools have become live, dynamically adjustable and interactive. With the help of hinting feature, you will be able to draw perfect shapes without using the control key. In a nutshell, this app is developed for pleasurable work and time efficiency.

  • Photoshop is a titanium among all other Adobe CC applications. Along with breadboard-creating developers who usually make the final project touch in Photoshop and then bring design to life by using HTML, CSS or any other code. The app offers a wide range of extensions and plugins (e.g. Lorem Ipsum Generator, Cell, Swatchy, Interface Tools, Flaticon, Long Shadow Generator 2 etc.) specifically built for designers and developers. With no doubts, they increase productivity and automate design processes.

Who knows better than designers that time is money and having a full pack of different applications which save the time may streamline their business? The above mentioned apps have been developed to allow developers to work faster and more productive, and have an opportunity to get involved to more projects. The more projects the more money. Right? We know your answer will be ‘yes’. Of course, it is up to you what tools to go with, but we highly recommend that you pay attention to Adobe CC apps first of all. If you know any other tools we have not covered in this article, you are welcome to share them with us.


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