Beauty and the Best: How an Entrepreneur Finds the Perfect Business Logo

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Melissa Viera, a 36-year-old entrepreneur from San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been working as a project manager assistant for the past five years. She holds a marketing degree from the University of Puerto Rico and despite how well her career was doing, she decided to explore other disciplines.


“Two things that I'm passionate about are cooking and things related to the beauty industry. I also love to make people feel good about themselves, and for us girls, it's either shopping or a makeover,” shared Melissa. “I saw an opportunity in the beauty salon and lash extensions business.”


A New Chapter


Her passion for cosmetics led her to enroll in cosmetology school. As she developed her skills and furthered her knowledge, she decided to put up a business -- iLash Atelier, an eyelash extension salon.




Being a marketing specialist, she knew that her business needed good branding.


Fortunately, a friend of hers pointed her to Freelancer. “A friend of mine showed me all the entries from the contest she posted on Freelancer. It was such a great experience, I went straight to Freelancer for business solutions,” Melissa said.


Hiring a Freelancer


Melissa opted to post a logo design contest instead of a project while she didn’t have a concrete idea of what she wanted.


She received a total of 199 different designs from 51 freelancers. Having the contest on Freelancer worked wonders for her business since she was able to get the most out of her $100 budget.




“One of the things I liked most about this contest is it gave me the opportunity to explore perspectives from all around the world. I wasn't tied up to only one person. It has given my business a feeling of luxury,” Melissa added.


The winning freelancer was Danielle, an Israeli freelance graphic designer. Melissa had a pleasant experience working with Danielle, and she was very happy with the final business logo she received. Furthermore, Melissa emphasized the key to their success was good communication.




“Always provide feedback so that the freelancers have a clear picture of what you want,” says Melissa. “It’s the employer’s duty to guide the freelancer in materializing the vision.”


iLash Atelier has now become a household name in Melissa’s community. She plans to offer more products to better serve her customers.


Customer satisfaction is Melissa’s utmost priority. She feels a sense of accomplishment every time a happy customer walks out of her salon. This is what inspires her to keep improving her business.


Whenever Melissa has a new idea for iLash Atelier, she knows where she can get the job done -- Freelancer.


Do you have a fantastic project in mind? Hire a freelancer to get started.

Publié 16 décembre, 2016

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