Meet the 30 Winners of the NASA Robotic Arm Challenges!

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NASA's Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), through the NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) has been working with on concepts for a free-flying robot. Called the Astrobee, NASA and Freelancer has started the process of crowdsourcing ideas for its robotic arm. The project is rolling out over the course of the next few months, and the first phase of the project, which started last month, has now ended. 30 winners have been chosen to move on to the second phase of the competition.

  1. Lisedelamare

  2. jme5657f9141d0c9

  3. carlagodinez

  4. aemmurphy

  5. JnJofalltrades

  6. createwithwisdom

  7. grgizem

  8. marinasyryanaya

  9. MillySoftware

  10. gemmakatehopkins

  11. SisterCircuit

  12. seemaamola11

  13. shoshesiddique

  14. raguzhelena

  15. theblackninja

  16. shagunc96

  17. dirak696

  18. idealkhulna

  19. elitrizalfalah

  20. ansonalappadan

  21. Qpay

  22. mrylie011

  23. rishuatfree421

  24. rana300

  25. rpaape

  26. velsoftconsult

  27. ion2013

  28. eblive

  29. CristiGiangu

  30. sahaindra

These 30 winners were chosen from over 3300 entries sent in from around the globe. The diverse group is made up of people with different backgrounds, hailing from across the continents: Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, the US, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peru, Colombia, and the UAE. Congratulations to the winners!

For more details, head on over to the NASA-Freelancer page.

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