Graphic Designer Zeroes in on the Importance of Constant Learning

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Consistency, good performance, and honesty.

These three words have driven Maria Castillo down the pathway of success. The 49-year-old from Sevilla, Spain believes that these three qualities can make anyone, from any line of work, succeed. Maria has been working as a graphic designer for more than 10 years now. She was a manager and graphic designer of “Grupo Sol y Sombra”, a local events and multimedia company.

One major project she worked on was a collaboration with the public administration of Andalusia. She needed to design content for the administration’s campaigns, which she found to be very fulfilling. Her clients from long ago still patronize her talents up to this day.

The Online Freelance Experience

Today, she works solely as a freelancer. “I am a freelancer inside and outside of the site. Wherever the opportunities are, that is where I spend my time. I have been working with for almost two years now. It has been such a big help to me,” said Maria.

She has worked with clients from countries like Australia, USA, Canada, and Singapore to name a few. This opportunity was only fulfilled by being an online freelancer.

Her vast experience in graphic design is her biggest advantage over others. “The satisfaction of my clients fills me up with happiness and contentment,” Maria mentioned.

She recalls the project that jump-started her great career. “I joined a contest to create a logo for WOW Nuts. My design was chosen out of the number of designs that were also posted. The design I made was featured in’s Showcase page.Thanks to that exposure, several clients started contacting me and hiring me for their businesses,” Maria shared.

Constant Learning

Working with people around the world has given Maria insights on what makes a successful design. A successful design is pretty hard to create and it takes a lot of practice to deliver consistently brilliant output.

Maria believes that a good design must have a lasting impression. It should be able to express an idea without the use of words. The design should also be able to communicate the concept and identity of the brand without going too obvious. Lastly, it should inspire the audience to consider and believe the messages or advocacies portrayed in the design.

Maria prefers the minimalist approach. “My motto is ‘less is more’,” she shared. One thing she learned by working with a lot of clients is that everyone has different tastes in design. A design may be spectacular to one but might not be as appealing to another.

Despite the number of years working as a graphic designer, Maria firmly believes that the profession is a continuous learning process.

It’s all about finding your own personal style. Once you find it, hone it into something even better. Eventually, you will find clients who will be interested in your work.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Working numerous hours a week can take its toll on one’s health. Therefore, always remember to rest and relax after clocking out.

Maria works extra hard so that she can do what she enjoys most -- traveling. When she has extra budget and time, she goes on trips. Her dream destinations are Australia and New Zealand. She’s been dreaming to see the beautiful sceneries of the two heavenly places and taste their local delicacies.

While she saves up for her adventures, she travels in a different manner. “Reading is my other way of traveling. It’s my favorite hobby. Whenever I am not busy, I read. I enjoy reading novels. My favorite authors are Gabriel García Márquez, Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, Mario Benedetti, Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Jose Saramago, Eduardo Mendoza, Oriana Fallaci, and Umberto Eco,” she shared.

Working as an online freelancer has given Maria the chance to further unveil her potential. She has grown into a talented graphic designer worthy of clients’ trust, and she’s not stopping there. She is constantly learning from her local peers, and also from her international clients - a feat can offer.

“ is a worldwide showcase to exhibit your work. I find it great to have worked with people from all continents, and to receive their positive comments. Working as a freelancer can truly open doors and opportunities for anyone, anywhere on the planet.”

~ Maria Castillo

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Publié 14 octobre, 2016

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