Key Elements That Will Make Your Company Website Trustworthy

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The first time that a potential customer can probably learn about your business is through your website. In this case, first impression is as important as ever. There are many factors to consider when building a website: user experience, functionality, and funnel optimization, to name a few. However, if your site does not have a professional look and feel to it, you can lose your potential customers.

The professionalism your company is trying to exude can be best presented through a website that people can trust. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your company can have a trustworthy website.

Polish the design aesthetics

Design is everything. Design is the difference between AirBnB and their lesser competitors. Big, bold, beautiful, and hi-res images can capture the imagination of your potential customers. These people will decide within the first few seconds of seeing your site whether they will trust the professionalism of your business or not.

You can always check out how your competitors employ design and UX in their website. There are also many online resources giving you advice on how to create a fantastic and optimized landing pages. Maybe hire a freelancer to design a high quality front-end for your product.

Think about the funnel

How easy is it for your new customers to actually give you their money? Making this as easy as possible not only aids your ability to make revenue, but it also leads to users believing in your company.


Think about the fonts

The fonts you use can speak a lot about your website. Cleaner fonts are always the better choice. They should be readable, particularly if you’re using colored font on colored background. The fonts you use must look good and the colors must work together. This seems simple but we are shocked at how often we see mixed fonts or fonts in color that clash with the background color.

Keep it simple and clutter-free

Flat and simple design, white space -- sometimes less really is more. When you have banners, ads, pop-ups, badges, signs, buttons, etc., sometimes it can all get a bit heavy. Think about a typical clickbait website which is full of these items and generally considered to be the amongst the most untrustworthy sites that exist.

Visceral hierarchy

This basically means put your most important content in the most coveted spaces on your site. By following a pattern of how a typical user’s eyes flow over a page (top to bottom, left to right) you can make sure your users see what you want them to see.

Optimize for mobile

A professional website must look and function on mobile devices, the same way it is on desktop. Your site should be responsive across all devices and all browsers. In today's world, there are many intuitive web developers and designers that allow this to happen and create fantastic dynamic experiences. No business should miss out on any opportunity to convert a potential customer just because that customer is on the move.

We hope these tips can help you out in your effort of having a trustworthy website. Do you need help in building your site? Why not use the Recruiter Service to find highly-recommended developers and designers who can give your website a completely professional look and functionality. The Recruiter upgrade helps you save time and energy that you can then spend on other areas of your business. Use this upgrade when you’re ready to post your web development and design project.

Publié 23 juin, 2016

Joe Griston


Joe Griston is the Director of People & Talent at He has sourced, architected and scaled world-class teams for this tech company that is disrupting the planet. Joe has recently returned to London from Sydney to drive the growth of across Europe.

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