How to Regain Your Motivation to Work After the Holidays

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After the busy holiday season, how did you welcome 2017? All the celebrations, reunions, and short vacation might have made it a bit hard for you to take on new projects and get back to your daily routine.

If you’re still struggling to get back to work these days, here are a few tips on how to regain that motivation.


Update your profile and portfolio

New year, new you! Why not shake things up a little bit? Update your portfolio, your profile picture and cover image, your description, and skills. Did you learn new skills last year? Is there a different area you would like to tap this year?

Updating your profile can be your first move towards rebranding. Improve what could still get better. Say goodbye to the old you, and hello to a new freelancer that’s ready to take on new challenges!

Take things slow

There is no need to rush into work. Last month was slow, we all know it, but rushing into taking as many projects as possible may not be the best idea. Be careful when deciding which projects you would take. Search and bid for quality projects, which could be terrific additions to your growing portfolio.

Start with a few projects at first, and gradually increase your target number of awarded projects as the months progress.

Create a daily schedule with goals

Sometimes we have to force ourselves to meet certain goals in order to get where we want and at the desired time. Why not create a daily schedule with a planned series of tasks you must achieve? You could even set rewards for each goal achieved, like a dinner at your favorite restaurant or a movie night.

Touch base with old clients

By letting old clients know that you are back and ready to work, you may land a few exciting new projects. And what better way to start the year off than being rehired by your previous clients?

Give it a few days and for sure you’ll be that goal-driven freelancer again. Don't waste a minute and start working on your back-to-work strategy now! Afterwards, find your first project for this year.

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