How to Motivate Your Employees

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It’s a great experience to work with motivated freelancers who kick goals left and right, and successfully deliver excellent projects. As an employer, you want to help your freelancers maintain their drive. According to Harvard psychologist Shawn Achor, a major factor for success is happiness.

“If you increase your levels of happiness in the midst of a challenge… what we find is that all of your success rates rise dramatically -- every business outcome improves”, Achor explains.*

Happiness motivates. A happy worker exhibits unhindered creativity and strong commitment to finishing their tasks. Being happy simply has an evident, positive impact on overall productivity and affability. It naturally inspires freelancers to go the extra mile.

What makes workers happy?

An employee management firm conducted a survey with over 200,000 employees from different organizations to find out what causes professionals to put in their best effort. Aside from a desire to do well at work, here are the top five answers:

  • Camaraderie

  • Encouragement and recognition

  • Having a real impact

  • Professional growth

  • Meeting the needs of their clients / customers**

These contribute to freelancers’ happiness, which results in high performance.

4 Ways to Reinforce That Happy Feeling for Employees

1. Take the time to encourage and compliment them.

Did your freelancers do something you appreciate? Letting them know encourages them and helps put them at ease when working with you. Aside from making them feel good about what they do, it also familiarizes them with how you like things done. Freelancer’s messaging system and mobile app allows you to conveniently send them a message, telling them they’re doing a great job.

2. Collaborate and involve them in decision making.

A-Team players look for challenges and professional growth. Ask for your freelancers’ professional opinions. Let them solve problems instead of dictating what to do. Not only do you communicate trust when you do these but you’re also giving them room to develop in their profession. has features that allow smooth collaboration so that you can clearly communicate or share files with freelancers.

3. Give them a good rating for doing an amazing job.

Freelancers value their ratings because employers look at these when deciding whether to hire a particular freelancer or not. If it was a pleasure to work with your freelancers, you’d be helping their online career by providing them with a high rating and positive feedback after they’ve completed your project.

4.  Feel free to reward them.

Freelancers can go over and beyond your expected output. When they do, giving them a little bonus shows you appreciate their outstanding service and talent. After giving your feedback, Freelancer allows you to give freelancers a bonus at the end of the project. This way, you also can show your appreciation for their hard work beyond using words.

You can motivate your freelancers to feel good about their hard work and deliver an impressive job. Post your project on Freelancer and have a great experience collaborating with skilled freelancers who are dedicated to providing excellent service.




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