How to Increase Facebook Click-Through Rates

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Facebook started as a social network for college students. Today, it has become the most popular social media platform with over 1 billion users. It has shaped how we connect and interact with friends, family members and colleagues, and allowed interaction between businesses and their customers. Facebook has definitely changed how we interact, connect, and communicate online.

Many businesses today use Facebook’s power to improve or build brand identity and connect with consumers. Some go a step further by using paid Facebook advertisements to encourage traffic. There are eight campaign objectives provided by Facebook – Page Post Engagement, Page Likes, Clicks to Websites, Website Conversions, App Installs, App Engagement, Event Responses and Offer Claims. Each is designed to meet different goals.

For instance, if you want more visibility for your page posts, you can use the Page Post Engagement. If you want to grow your Facebook audience or likes, you can choose the Page Likes. The versatility of Facebook's campaign objectives allow you to utilize the power of social media.

Regardless of what you are using right now, you need the right mindset, technique, and skills to make most out of your efforts. Here are some tips you can use to improve the click through rates of your existing campaign or Facebook ad launch:

Redesign Images
One of the best and safest ways to increase click through rates is to evaluate the image that you are sharing. Is it boring? Will it grab your audience's attention? Did you use the right colors, font and size? Consulting with a graphic designer can give you professional insight on taking advantage of images. One thing you should have in your image, besides the company name and other relevant pictures or text, is a call to action text or button. If it just a plain stock image, your audience might not know that is hyperlinked to a website or post.  Remember that images shared within your wall can be clicked on and take advantage of this feature.

Shorten your Headline
Sure, you want to let your audience know more about your service, product, brand or promo but do really want to overwhelm them with too much information? When it comes to headlines, you should keep it short and simple. But don’t just stick to one-liners. The maximum character count for search results is 65. An engaging headline should have numbers, adjective, keyword and a promise. For instance, instead of saying “The Best Beaches in Manila” go for “The Five Closest Beaches Less Than Two Hours from Manila.”

Know When to Post and Share
Although there are more than a billion Facebook users, it doesn’t mean that they are always online. As much as possible, you should know when users are online. Do they go online during morning or at night?  You can learn more about your audience’s online behavior by going to your page’s Page Insights. You can view metrics, see engagement on posts and other data relevant for your campaign.

Although Facebook can be a great platform for businesses, you should always have great content to make the ads effective and worth every penny. If you need help, consult with an experienced social media manager to re-evaluate your approach on Facebook ad use.   

Publié 30 mars, 2015


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