How To Find The Right Virtual Assistant For Your Business Needs

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Not having enough time to get things done is a challenge too many business owners face on a regular basis. This is especially true for small time businessmen and entrepreneurs who aside from running their business, also perform many other jobs. Some function as their own accountants, some are forced to do customer service, and once in a while some may have no choice but to do administrative tasks. In this age of the internet, however, this should not be the case anymore.

Thanks to virtual assistants, as they are called, business owners can now make working around the clock a thing of the past. Currently, the freelancer market is enjoying an influx of these individuals who can remotely assist in more mundane aspects of a business. This can include tasks as easy as sending emails to more complicated ones like gathering competitive data.

But while it won’t be arduous to look for virtual assistants nowadays, the challenge is finding someone that is perfect for you and your business needs. Here are the things you should look for when hiring a virtual assistant.

Enough Experience

An experienced professional will almost always have a leverage over someone who is just starting. This is also true for virtual assistants. By hiring someone who already learned the ropes of the profession, you lessen if not eliminate the risk of redo’s and mistakes. And as a business owner, this means saved time and more confidence that he/she can already get things done with minimal supervision.

Relevant Experience/Skillset

Aside from length, another important thing to assess in an applicant is his/her prior experiences, may it be as a freelancer or a fulltime professional. If you are looking for someone to manage the content of your social media, a former digital marketing professional can be of help to your business. If it’s answering emails that you want to designate your visual assistant, someone with customer service experience might be the right one for you. In the end, the goal is to find someone who does not need extensive teaching anymore.

Project Management Skills

The job of a virtual assistant is extremely task-oriented and time-dependent. That is why someone with strong planning and organizational skills will definitely thrive in this career.


While it is difficult to gauge someone’s work conduct over the Internet, there are telltale signs that an applicant might have the right behavior in a business environment. It certainly is a positive when a virtual assistant is able to respond to you in a timely manner, or if he/she is able to talk to you respectfully. At the end of the day, while you and your visual assistant only communicate remotely, how one behaves is a big reflection of the overall quality of one’s work.

Running a business is already a challenging undertaking on its own that’s why managing virtual assistants should not be an additional burden anymore. Knowing who to hire will rid of that concern and save you that energy and time you can utilize for other aspects of your business.

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