How To Start An E-commerce Store With Zero Experience And Get It Profitable With Google Traffic

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Over the years, technology has permeated into the smallest bit of society and caused a significant upheaval in the way we work, live and spend our free time. Owing to this disruptive nature of the internet, the speed at which things are changing has only increased through the years.  Regardless of the changes in the present world, and unrestricted access for  the world population through various mediums, a large number of people are still having difficulty figuring out how to utilize the powerful medium of the internet.

The internet provides a competent platform to make money.  Stepping away from the common misconceptions, however, it is not easy making money online because there are many scams out there, and isolating reputable sources of generating income online is an ever increasing challenge. The question on many people’s minds is where to turn to make and earn money genuinely.

One of the more legitimate ways to make money online is by starting an E-commerce store. Online stores make both active and passive income through the convenience that the internet has accorded you. Once you have decided to start an online store, the process might be intimidating and overwhelming, to say the least. There are numerous decisions you need to make, and one wrong move can lead to wasted efforts.

The start-up phase of any E-commerce store is the make or break period. It is exciting and exhilarating in equal measures. You need to employ certain techniques that are optimized for E-commerce stores not only to ensure that your store takes off, but that it also thrives exponentially.

So how do you create a store and make it profitable with Google traffic? The following techniques will provide insight, and arm you with the necessary information to kickstart your online store.

1. The Grand Slam Technique

The concept behind the grand slam technique involves a marketing strategy that results in going 'viral'. This means getting your products and information onto social media in a way that makes people want to share it. The time spent in planning and executing this technique needs to result in a product that will capture the world’s attention.

This technique involves making a grand gesture that warrants, and ultimately gets a lot of attention. It requires intensive planning over a set period of time. This approach has a lot of uncertainty and needs you to put your best foot forward. This means that your E-commerce store will fill a niche, therefore appealing to the masses, and your chances of succeeding will be higher.

2. The Perfect Perk Technique

Just like its name, this technique works well to the point that Google recently scrapped it off the list of ways to generate traffic. The reason behind its recent exclusion is that it gives people an unfair advantage over their competitors due to the loophole in their algorithm.

This technique is commonly preferred as it is accessible and easy to use by people who have no idea about search engine optimization.  The concept behind the Perfect Perk Technique is a - scratch my back; I scratch yours strategy with Google. You give Google what it wants and it rewards you with what your E-commerce site needs; traffic.

First, you need to convince Google that your store stands out among the other online stores in your industry.  How do you do this?

  • By providing good product listings

  • By implementing ways to get a large number of people to talk about your store and the range of products.

A successful product listing means that your content and images are not generic.

Google needs you to provide an original photo of the products you are selling, alongside an original description of the same. The description should include the main feature, specifications, material, how the product is used and the kind of warranty it has. A great product listing typically has adequate SEO elements that lead to conversions.

E-commerce experts never tell you that you don’t need to put in a lot of work, so that your product listings rank on Google. You just need to convey the right kind of signals and your listing will rank well.  Doing this gives you leverage over your competition. Many E-commerce stores fail in ranking due to the fact that they use the same pictures that they received from their suppliers, and use the same descriptive template from a wholesale catalog.


How to Get Links to an E-commerce Store

It is difficult for an E-commerce store to get links when your competitors refuse to link to you, when sites in the same industry are not linking to the actual store that is selling the product, and when people have no idea of your E-store. You can attempt to get links by employing either of the techniques mentioned earlier on. For better results, you can use the Perfect Perk technique and take advantage of the weakness in Google’s algorithm to generate high-quality links.

The biggest misconception that people have about Google traffic is that it is free, which means that link building should be as well. Getting traffic is one of the instances where you need to spend money to make money. As soon as you realize that you need to invest a significant amount of money into link building to make a respectable amount of money, you will be on the right path.

Time is money and money translates to traffic. To achieve success, your mindset needs to change from going for the cheapest option - which rarely works - and replacing it with selecting the best value. This is a sure-fire way of getting the highest returns on your investment.

When launching your E-commerce store, the most efficient and cost effective way of getting new links is through a press release. Let the people know what stands out in your store, and what you are doing better than your competition.  This is your chance to sell your business and get people interested. Get a catchy headline, and ensure that your press release is in the hands of professional journalists that will write about your E-commerce store.

You can also invite the input of a marketing expert who will introduce an interesting and appealing angle. Keep in mind that the press release is not for your customers, but the journalists. A press release can generate thousands of links that can sustain your E-commerce store for a long period of time. When creating a press release, it is important to use your generic URL or your brand name instead of a keyword as your anchor text. This helps you to eliminate the possibilities of incurring penalties for over-optimization.

Categories of Websites

When many people borrow your story and rewrite it in their own words, this helps your site acquire natural links which result in unlimited recommendations about your E-store. In every industry, there are two types of websites;

1. The sellers: suppliers, manufacturers and E-commerce store

2. The influencers, reviewers and enthusiasts. These are authority sites and significant blogs that write about that industry on a daily basis.

Your objective as a seller is to get the influencers to talk about and recommend your store and the products. Once Google gets wind of the number of people recommending your site, you get to rank higher, ultimately generating large amounts of traffic and conversions. Many influencers will not recommend your product because it is good; they will do it because you have offered them something that is beneficial to them. You need to have a healthy discussion with your influencer. Lay down your expectations for the site as well as your budget. Once you find the perfect influencers, others will start contacting you to write for your store.

How did you start your eCommerce store? Did you follow anything different from what has been mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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