How to Buy and Sell Contest Entries

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When an awesome idea is crowdsourced to a huge marketplace such as, there’s a good chance it will draw many interesting submissions. The good news is, contest holders can now buy additional entries apart from the chosen contest winner and more than one freelancer can earn a reward for an amazing job done.

Entries can be bought by the contest holder, sometimes at a cheaper price than the original contest prize. Freelancers can set the selling price upon submission of entry, then whether they win or not, they have the chance to be rewarded if the contest holder wants ownership of their entries.

With this, freelancers can make  extra money and contest holders can get more great entries for cheaper prices. Make the most out of Freelancer Contests and try it today!

How it works for freelancers:

1. After uploading the entry and putting a title and description for it, the freelancer needs to indicate the sell entry price. When no amount was specified, it will be equal to the contest prize. It can be changed by clicking on the ‘Edit Price’ button on the entry in the Contest’s main page.

2. If the contest holder buys the entry, it will be classified as a runner-up winner and payment will be released upon completion of contest handover.

How it works for contest holders:

1. After selecting a winner, contest holders will have an option to buy other entries on the contest view page. Payment will be charged upon confirmation.​

2. Purchase of the entry entitles the contest holder legal ownership. Payment will be released once the files uploaded by the freelancer are accepted by the contest holder.

Let the power of crowdsourcing help you turn bright ideas into remarkable products. Join a contestor post one now.

Publié 9 février, 2015

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