The Matchmakers: How Recruiters Help You Find the 'Right One' for Your Project

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Looking for the best freelancer to hire? There are millions of freelancers all over the world and finding the right one could take serious time and effort.

At, the perfect match for your project is just a click away. Let our Recruiters be your matchmakers!

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Here’s how they search for the right freelancer you can work with:

Step 1: You post a project with the Recruiter upgrade

When you post your project, you have the option to get the Recruiter upgrade. This means that you will be matched with one of the Recruiters on our team who will help you find for the right freelancer to work on your project.

Before the search, your Recruiter will chat with you to get details about your project. They will ask about your budget, time frame, and all the specifics you want your freelancer to know. Once they have all the appropriate information, the matchmaking begins!

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Step 2: Your Recruiter starts looking for your match

Armed with the information you have given, your Recruiter is now in a great place to start looking for the freelancer that matches your project requirements.

At, we have an elite group called the Preferred Freelancers who have been vetted and approved by our staff as the top performing freelancers on our site. Your Recruiter will prioritize searching in this group.

After your Recruiter has invited freelancers to bid on the project, they will share the details with them, source examples that are similar to your project, and discuss any questions they may have for you.

Step 3: Connecting you with your freelancer

If the right match has been found, your Recruiter will suggest that you talk to the recommended freelancer directly so that you can iron out any last details. This is your chance to know the freelancer better before awarding your project.

Once you are happy with the conversation and want to move forward with hiring the freelancer, your Recruiter can help you award the project and get your first milestones set up.

Do you need some help finding the right freelancer to hire? If so, use the Recruiter upgrade and get the best results from your project.

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