How 3D Files Should be Delivered to Your Employers

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Similar to music, when creating projects, the most important parts to dominate are the beginning and the end. Most 3D freelancers can handle the beginning but ending the project is the part where many fall short. This article will tackle more about how we all should end a project with our clients.

When a project finishes, most of the time, the clients don't know what else they should be receiving other than renderings and other formats (if they asked for it). 

This is a golden opportunity for us freelancers to shine at the end of the song

Let's imagine that client "John Smith" is ending a project with us, they've already created a Milestone Payment, and are ready to release it. The client receives either one of the options below:

Option A: He already received the renders gradually on freelancer chat.

Option B: Only the final images.

Option C:

- A zip file with properly named images

- every file corresponding to the job if that was agreed to be delivered (could be pdfs, stl, ipt, objs, etc)

- instructions on everything that would be located on each separate sub-folder.

I always stick to C. 

I think closure is the most important moment of the project. Whatever you do to improve ending a project with a client is a productive action. Here's an example of the instructions I give my clients when finishing a project:

Delivery folder for CAR MODEL

Dear John Smith, as agreed, on this zip file, I have included six folders for you to use:

  1. groupKits - Group photos
  2. productShots - Individual Colors
  3. measurements
  4. manuals
  5. internalDiagrams
  6. STL files for printing

All images on the first two folders are .jpg files in 1920x1080 pixels.

1.-First folder (groupKits) refers to the images that have three colors included, with and without environment. There are also “different angles” sub-folder with several renders suggested by the team after your requirements were completed.  

2.-The second folder contains the individual versions for each color.

3.- The “measurements” folder contains both .jpg and .psd files so you can write or change annotations on the images.

4.-The fourth folder (manuals) has the assembly documents on .pdf format for the car model.

5.-This folder (internalDiagrams) contains files both in .jpg and .psd which will allow you to edit any label or line you would want in the future. I also included the corresponding fonts.

6.-The last folder includes STL files for using them on 3D printers or to render them on other compatible softwares like 3D max or Blender. The mesh are checked for integrity and ready to be printed based on your project requirements and approved measures.

I truly hope that you are satisfied with this prototyping/rendering project. Furthermore, I will mention three of the critical components used on the renders, so you can start with those in mind when proceeding with the prototyping stage.

a)Tail lights


c)Steering wheel 

Thank you for selecting me as your freelancer. Feel free to contact me for other great ideas that you would want to visualize or develop. For futher questions, you can always contact me through chat.

Best regards,

Ivan Weinreb

-end of example-

I am sure there are many better ways to do this, but for me at least, this is a good start. Take in account that many clients don´t know about ipt files versus obj files, what is a manifold file, and whatnots.

The above examples are written in a manner that everyone can understand so that clients will be able to open and reuse their projects as they wish.

Clients value order and explanations.

I can say that most 3D clients are new to this because more than half of those I´ve had the pleasure to work with are new in this community.

Think about it, it is good to pack your final delivery with much detail and order. Clients will really appreciate that effort. 

"If you take care of order, order will take care of you."

- IW.*. 


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