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Advocate Hiraa Khan has always been involved in charitable causes since high school. She has volunteered for various local nonprofit organizations, homeless shelters and food banks. Some of the many names include American Civil Liberties Union, Acumen Fund (Pakistan), and UNICEF (India).

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While looking for various means to help more people she “realized how little awareness there was in the industry about the use of mobile technology for engaging donors and supporters.” She wanted to reach more people through one of today’s fundamental means of communication, the smartphone.

“Organizations that have been featured on our app have indicated their enthusiasm for reaching new audiences.” She continues as she flips through a demo of GiveMob “other non-profits have been reaching out to us through our website to request features.” The app features a nonprofit organization everyday and that it contributes about $5-$10 per user via a text-to-donate model. “We hand-select non-profits and charities throughout America. Since we track our users’ cause preferences, we have the ability to tailor the non-profit campaigns on our app.

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Fourspan Tech (username Inzic Solutions), the tech team that was chosen by Hiraa through’s recommendation via a quick filter of other bidders, were “instrumental and were extremely professional throughout the experience” that helped here through the rules and guidelines of mobile apps. “They were so committed to the project that they volunteered to help me implement two features that Apple asked to be implemented on the original budget” Hiraa continues.

“I am excited by the prospect of using Freelancer for other projects in the future.”

Using Freelancer’s platform, creating the mobile app from the ground up was made possible at the fraction of the cost as well as filter key specialists based on the technical requirements of her project. She goes on saying that “I had a fantastic experience using the platform. It’s efficient, effective, and secure. I am excited by the prospect of using Freelancer for other projects in the future.”

GiveMob is currently available on the App Store and Google Play Store to download for free.

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If you want to read a more detailed information about Hiraa’s experiences click here.

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