Freelancing: The Career for the Free-Spirited

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They say there are a lot of things in life you can't control, but that doesn't have to include your job. Here are 4 solid reasons why freelancing is the career for the free-spirited.

You find work that works for you, not the other way around.

The rules have changed. Work-life balance is a thing of the past, and today, it’s all about work-life integration--being able to seamlessly transition from life to work and vice versa.

Whether you’re a travel bug who’s always on the go or a startup entrepreneur that requires outside skill to keep the biz up and running, you can always rely on your freelancing career to juggle life and work with more ease. This cannot be stressed enough -- freelancing is practically a lifestyle choice, and the takeaway is that you are able to value your work more, because you have more time to do the things you love.

Passion plays a crucial role.

You live to work for something you’re passionate about, and not merely to work to earn and have a decent life. You often hear freelancers say, “I love graphic design, photography, etc.”, and that’s what drives them. This gives them greater purpose, because passion is at the core of their work.

We’ve all heard existentialist crisis stories of people not knowing what to do with their lives, or dead end careers that lead to burnout. You shouldn’t have to be that person.

Your talent works at the forefront.

Passion also means being inspired to do meaningful work, which is quite a privilege. Remember, not everyone gets to do what they want on a daily basis or use their talents to full capacity. With freelancing, you get to do both and more, especially with inspiration, which breeds creativity that leads you to make something truly exceptional. Do what you’re good at and discover new potential. Now you put your talent to good use, hone it, and continue to learn as you take on new projects.

Define your limits, or exceed them.

And because you go beyond the norms of work, you open yourself to countless opportunities. Opportunities such as: the amount and kind of projects you want to do and the creativity you can put into your work. Challenge yourself with something you’ve never done before, and work to learn something to help build your career and your portfolio. Who knows, one day, you’d be able to produce the best work of your career with freelancing.

If you're still not convinced, here are the factors that you can control much better as a freelancer:

Time - Freelancing isn't a desk job. You’re not tied to an 8-5 cycle, neither will you have to wait for the morning alarm to go off. Of course you have deadlines--what project doesn’t? But at least you get a little more breathing room with freelancing.

Income - Income varies, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Pick a project or an array of projects that will yield the monetary value you’re looking for.

Employer - Employment doesn’t mean having to work in the same zipcode as you. If your dream has always been to go global, then freelancing gives you just that.

Projects - Take on one or two, or more, simultaneously if you’re attempting to set a new record. Plus, you get to choose what you really want to do. Accomplish a project that matters to you, and the personal reward is even greater.


Publié 18 août, 2015

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