Freelancing and Entrepreneurship: Start Small

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How the internet connects the whole world is absolutely amazing, especially because of what we can do with it: kickstart a business with little capital or turn our lives around with a freelance career!, an outsourcing and freelancing platform, expands your network to over 10 million skilled professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world – The Vatican, Denmark, South Africa, Singapore, Jamaica, and the list goes on!

For entrepreneurs who’ve been wanting to kick start a business, here’s why you should start now and how you can start small but achieve big success with

1. You can think big with minimum risks.

Starting small allows you to set your vision into motion without putting your life on the line. Let’s say you’ve always dreamed of having your own website. You can start little by little without quitting your day job yet. This way, you still get a steady income while taking steps towards building your goal. Another way to minimize risks is to have a low capital, which leads to the next point.

2. Get started with minimum capital.

You can get things done without worrying about the expenses and tedious process of hiring regular employees by finding freelancers who can do the job for you. When you post a project on, professionals from different countries will be bidding to work with you, on your project. This gives you a variety of talents to choose from and a more flexible rate.

Draft your business strategy today and consider how you can make the most out of hiring freelancers online.


On the other hand, for professionals who are thinking of freelancing, you don’t always have to risk taking a big leap. Here’s how you can take small steps for a smooth transition into freelancing:

1. Freelance online to test the waters.

Keep your day job and open an account on This way, you can bid on projects posted online and initially freelance part-time. This is like a test run to see how this works for you. With thousands of job posted on the site on a daily basis, you will definitely find some projects in your area of expertise that you’d love to work on. This can be your start point to jump into freelancing and building your client network

2. Access opportunities around the world.

One of the best things about is it opens up opportunities for freelancers, not just from your local community but from across the globe! With a chance to work with entrepreneurs and businesses from different places, who can tell what the possibilities in store for you as a freelancer are? Some of our users were able to start their businesses from freelancing and others get to frequently travel because of their work flexibility. Some even have awesome opportunities to work on groundbreaking projects!

Having an account on is absolutely free of charge. That means all you need is your laptop, internet connection and a comfy chair and you can be on your way to a new lifestyle with your freelance career online!

With today’s online resources, you can now take small steps toward a big future!

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