Freelance Writers Need These Scientifically Proven Inspiration Sources

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Scientifically Proven Inspiration Sources for Freelance Writers

Inspiration! Where are you? Why do you always come at the most inconvenient time when there is no way you can be put into practice? And when we`re going through pure hell trying to summon you, guess what? You never show up. That`s fine. You`re stubborn and elusive, but we, writers, know how to catch you, dear inspiration, because now, we have science on our side. There are many ways of getting that creative juice running through our veins and they are rather individual.

I know people who need complete silence and loneliness to write something ingenious, some choose very crowded public places because people are the greatest source of inspiration. One of the biggest advantages of the work of a freelance writer is that you can choose any time of day and night to be productive. When you`re at a 9-5 job, you need to practice magic in order to lure the inspiration, but with flexible working hours you can just sit there and wait for a creative wave.

Can you cause that tsunami yourself, though? Science says yes, and we`re about to provide you with the best tips that various research teams swear by. We`re pretty sure these will help, but if you`re a unique person and you`re hopeless, there is no need to panic. There are plenty awesome online writing services you can address. How about This is exactly what you need in case you`re stuck in a writing crisis. Now, let`s try to pull you out with some inspiration source suggestions.

Learn How to Juggle

It doesn`t mean that this skill will make you more creative per se. It can be juggling, gardening, knitting, playing football or whatever comes to your mind. The most important thing is that it has to be something new, an activity you`ve never practiced before and never thought you would. Firstly, if it`s something scary (like an extreme sport) or intimidating and challenging (like taking part in a singing contest), it will train the strength of your character and mental stamina, you`ll learn your personal ways of getting out of a comfort zone.

Secondly, every new experience builds a wide net of new neurons in the brain which leads to better cognitive functions and creative skills in general. Thirdly, you`ll become a person with a broadened outlook and a developed ability of multitasking. Fourthly (and most importantly), you`ll be the person with the best party tricks.

People with the Most Unbiased Opinions

We`re talking about children. Psychologists claim that a conversation with a kid may actually open your eyes to certain topics that you`ve been hopeless about. Children are much sincerer than adults, they haven`t learnt all the obligatory social rules and patterns of thinking yet, they have their own unique perception of the surrounding world which hasn’t yet been ruined by commonly recognized conceptions. If you`re looking for fresh ideas, just talk to kids and you`ll get tons of suggestions from the most creative minds.

Besides, children often build up imaginary worlds in their heads, they read a lot of fairy tales, and magical plots of cartoons form their outlook on a grand scale. This means that they see each other, their parents, and society in general in a very pure and innocent way. So, kids are a great source of inspiration.

Crazy Talk May Lead to Ingenious Ideas

Enormously talented and creative people are often considered to have slight (or major) issues with sanity. Geniuses are weirdos. This is what society thinks of them. Never fall under the influence of those ridiculous old-fashioned stereotypes. When you get an opportunity to talk to a person with outstanding abilities or talents, never miss out on it. Creative people see this world in a different way, perhaps, even a bit childishly. That`s why we decided to back up the previous tip with this one.

When we discuss an issue with a person who has a special, extraordinary style of thinking, we may unconsciously change the patterns of our own thoughts, so you can always expect a beneficial outcome from a conversation with the creative personality. That`s why talking to strangers may help as well. You never know what kind of interesting human being is sitting next to you on a subway train or in a line at a dentist`s office.

Take a Walk

This is a way of boosting your creativity that all scientists agree upon. It has dozens and dozens of benefits and even more proofs of effectiveness. We`ll just name a few most important ones. Firstly, when you go outside, you breathe in fresh air, your oxygen intake increases, and your brain thinks better. Secondly, when you pass by beautiful architecture or natural creations, the aesthetics of these places work like an inspirational power juice. Thirdly, a different interior, surrounding, atmosphere always work beneficially for a creative process, so whatever urban landscapes your city has to propose, don`t refuse.

This Sounds Like Magic

We couldn`t leave music out here. Alright, it`s obvious that you`ve heard about this capacity of all melodies as boosting brain activity, we`ll avoid obvious stuff and switch straight to the interesting mojo. It`s not just music that will do the work, any sound that you find calming and relaxing, like the sound of a forest or a sea. People who live in loud cities, surprisingly enough, don`t find natural sounds that appealing. Nevertheless, distant people`s chat, a café noise or an airplane`s muted engine sound serve as great stress-relievers which help to concentrate on the creative process. By the way, if you have trouble falling asleep, the white noise will do the trick.

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